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Complaints procedure

Your opinion and experience at DAA is important. If there is anything you are not satisfied with, we would like to hear from you to see how we can improve your experience at DAA. That is why a complaints procedure has been drawn up to help you as best as possible. You can start the procedure by emailing your complaint to: You will then be contacted within 72 hours to discuss the complaint.


Asena Guzel (independent Lawyer) will assess and discuss the complaint. You will be contacted by telephone or email. We may ask for a personal conversation if you would like that.



If no solution is reached, you can address your complaint (in writing) within 2 weeks to an independent person who will continue the complaints procedure. The complaint must have occurred within 2 weeks after the last day of the training. If your complaint concerns something that took place on an earlier day of the training, the 2-week period must be observed from that date.


• A written complaint must meet a number of conditions. This must in any case contain:  Your name and address, the date of submission and the most specific possible description of your complaint.


• We would also like to hear what solution you would like to see.


• You must personally sign a written complaint.

• You can send this to Hellingweg 96J, 2583 WH in The Hague




• The complaint will be handled by a lawyer. You can email your complaint to This lawyer is an independent person who will handle and investigate your complaint and discuss her findings with DAA.


• The lawyer's opinion is binding for you and for DAA and any consequences will be handled by DAA.


• Complaints and the method of handling are registered and kept for at least 1 year.


• As soon as DAA has received a written complaint from you, you will receive confirmation within one week.


• You will receive a written response from the lawyer within four weeks after submitting the complaint.


• If this period proves not to be feasible, you will be notified in writing in good time (one week before the expiry of the period), stating the period within which a response will be made.


• Finally, you will receive a written response in which you are informed about DAA's position, including motivation and the lawyer's opinion.


• Your complaint will of course be treated confidentially.


P.S. This complaints procedure was last changed on March 10, 2023.

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