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Travel the world as PMU Artist!

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Our experts are traveling around the world to share their knowledge at the best and biggest conferences. In 2019 DAA has been invited at conferences in Jakarta, Los Angeles, Miami, Russia, Poland and Australia.

Last month we flew all the way to Latin America, Colombia, que rico!! At this well arranged conference our worldfamous browmaster Rusenko spoke about our trademark 'the DAA Ombre Brows'. He did what he loves most, talking about brows and working on a model, live on stage. With 150 students from different countries worldwide, this event went international.

Besides the fact that Colombia is an amazing and beautiful country to visit, the organisators of the event were the best hosts ever!

'It's a blessing to meet so many beautiful and talented people all over the world!'

In the world of beauty there is so much more for you to discover and to conquer. This is your opportunity to have a successful business and do what you love doing most.

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